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Everyone is talking ‘Green’ but what are they really doing about it?

Here at Hallmark Floor Company, the environment and the footprint that we will leave for future generations is a priority in everything that we do.  We believe that it starts with education.As we look back on the past year, we are reminded of the incredible amount of time that we’ve spent learning just what “Green”…

Why All Wood Floors Are Not “Green”

In this blog article, we offer some insights on the notion that, overall, wood flooring is a “Green” or an environmentally good choice; however, there are some things you should know when making that choice. Understand Re-forestation and De-forestation While America has a re-forestation plan in place, that is not true around the world. FSC…

Get Ready for the Season!

Need your carpet cleaned? Hallmark is here for just such occasions…. Hallmark can help with that!

Faux Floors- Making a Comeback!

HALLMARK FLOOR COMPANY: Floor Matters Hello and welcome to The Hallmark Floor Company’s inaugural blog post! We are very excited to share our company’s new monthly blog with you. Our posts will discuss a variety of topics, share the latest trends and importance of great flooring, as well as happenings at our company and how…

Natural Advantages of Wool

FAQ- What are the advantages of Wool Carpet? ANSWER:  Many but here are 6: 1. Shape Retention- Natural elasticity allows the fiber to stretch up to 40% beyond it’s original length and return to it’s original size. Wool carpet not only retains it’s shape, even under heavy traffic, but also resists furniture crush. 2. Repels…

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Comfy Carpet

Wools, synthetics, blends. SmartStrand, WearDated,  Stainmaster. Let the Hallmark staff guide you through the many choices to find the best carpet for your particular purpose. We’ve got what it takes to make your house a home….